"GOD IS ONE" "WHAT WE SEE IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT" "EVERYTHING IS BEAUTIFUL IF WE CHANGE OUR PERSPECTIVE TO SEE IT" First of all, thank you everyone for loving my first inspiration behind my artwork “RUH”, it means a lot to me. Today I am writing about ingenuity behind my artwork “ONE”. As you can see in the painting I have used some patterns, flowers and prominently the eye. I was asked questions about this particular artwork that what is the reason or motive behind using different patterns and the eye? Today I am writing my thought around this artwork. GOD IS ONE.. nowadays we see a lot of fights or arguments regarding religion among people, we live in India which is the land of vast culture and love being Indian as we are the part of this vast culture where all the religions are followed, but the sad part is internally we have issues with other religion. I want to ask everyone What is religion? Why we fight for it? Were we stamped to distinguish ourselves from other religions during birth? People, RELIGION is our belief in and worship of the creator of this world be it Allah, Jesus, Krishna, Waheguru and so on.. God didn’t tell us that he is different, in all our scriptures it is written that god is one, he is there in everyone as everyone’s belief or faith. There are so many rivers flowing in the entire world and all this rivers converge in the sea and become one. At that moment we can’t classify it, likewise when we are born, we don’t have any identity. We get these belief or follow it as we are taught by our society we live in and this is going on since ages. We come and when we go from this world no one will ask from which religion that person belongs to, when we come, we are tagged as a baby boy or baby girl and when we go we are tagged as the dead body. No one speaks of which religion that baby or dead body belongs too and this is a fact that we all know. Then what is the reason behind brawling about religions or why do we form a perspective about other beliefs and their culture, or why we gag about other practices? My artwork is about loving all the religions, nothing is immoral or ugly, everything is beautiful, every religion is pure. It is our tainted mindset which makes other religion, culture, belief obnoxious and making our own belief at the top. We are educated people and it’s 21st century, rather than having animosity about other outlook let’s widen our perspective and look at the bright side of all the religion and learn from their culture. Do you remember we used to sing?

मजहब नहीं सिखाता, आपस में बैर रखना” / Religion does not teach to hate each other.. Hope you remember that while singing this in school… I guess this was till our schools only where we used to hunt for beauty in small things… Nothing is bad or good everything comes with our perspective, the way we want to see things or everything that is happening in our surrounding, our saves all the devious perspectives akin to the computer hard disk and that’s the reason we are advised to do meditation in any form be it chanting our hymns, doing religious activity, going to holy places or performing any form of art. All I want to say is “it’s our perspective how we see or take what is happening in our surrounding.” Rather than saying horrid things about other religions or judging the person belonging to a certain religion isn’t good, as religion does not make a person bad but it’s their mind set, their personal decision and their reaction towards something which makes them follow an ugly path. AS WE ALL SAY… “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," which means beauty doesn't exist on its own but is created by observers.”

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